We develop integrated business plans that engage and inform a company's future direction. We conduct detailed context and market analysis, stakeholder consultations (customers, suppliers, staff, board, peers), and review and analyse current performance and future possibilities (finances, operations, marketing, structure) .


We meet with clients to understand their customers and organisational response in depth. We develop a strategic planning process. Our systems perspective means we listen closely to understand the aim, the context, component systems and how these all interact. We navigate complexity to provide clarity and understanding for the best possible outcome.


We develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and review programs including the design of evaluation programs using program logic and systems evaluation theory.

Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis includes the design and implement data collection methods, both qualitative and quantitative, including literature reviews, audience research, stakeholder consultation, online surveys, face-to-face surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. This data is then collated and analysed. We test key assumptions before developing conclusions and making recommendations.

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