Sydney Water's WaterFix® Program

Evaluating a water conservation program


Cobalt59 evaluated the WaterFix Residential Program for Sydney Water and the NSW Climate Change Fund. The fund gave money to Sydney Water to dramatically boost the program during a serious downturn in water inflows into the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment.

The Task

Sydney Water’s WaterFix program is a long-running program to create water efficiency and water savings for residential customers.  It is one of Sydney Water's key responses the Metropolitan Water Plan.  This plan aims at safe, secure and affordable water for Sydney that accommodates the longer stresses of population growth and climate change, while responding to shocks like drought.

The crux of the evaluation focus was knowing the real impact of the project that used Climate Change Fund money to expand the WaterFix program rapidly. Was the money well spent? Was the response durable into the future? And how might the program best be improved?

Cobalt59 used a hybrid System Evaluation Theory / Program Logic evaluation process to successfully synthesize a wide range of scientific studies, client feedback and management evaluation data.  Qualitative data was matched to quantitative data using matching time frames and geographies.  


The process and report aligned with requirements and provided a comprehensive evaluation of appropriate, efficient and effective outcomes.  The evaluation was peer reviewed and assessed as conforming to NSW Government principles, norms and standards. For the evaluation, and Sydney Water's response, follow the link below:  

Evaluation Report - NSW Climate Change Fund

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